what is the bar/alcohol situation?

The bar will be a cash bar with beer, wine, liquor and non alcoholic mixers like soda.

Is there an rsvp cutoff date?

We are asking that all guests RSVP by 9/1/2022 so that way we can get an accurate head count for our caterer and venue.

Can I bring a plus one?

Guests who are single are welcome to bring a plus one. In the case that you are married, we are assuming that your spouse is also attending. We do ask that an RSVP form be filled out for all individuals who are attending. This includes plus ones, spouses, and children. This will help us communicate an accurate count to our venue.

Can I bring my young children?

Yes! We have kid friendly food options and our wedding venue is a farm with live animals. Definitely an exciting place for little ones. Just keep in mind that our wedding playlist contains some songs with explicit language. If that is not something you care about, feel free to fill out an RSVP form on their behalf and bring them along!

How long is the wedding?

Our wedding is from 4-9PM. The ceremony will likely be from 4:00-4:30PM, pictures until 5:00PM, followed by the reception until 9:00PM.

Do you have a registry?

We are currently working towards a down payment for a house. So, cash gifts are tremendously appreciated. We realize that some guests may not be able to afford to give a lot - which is totally okay! The day is predominantly about celebrating our relationship. We do have a registry for guests who also want to get us something more physical/tangible. Our registry also contains a place to donate to our honeymoon fund.

Are masks required?

At this time, because of the state mandates regarding COVID and masking we are not requiring that guests wear masks. We feel especially reassured about this decision due to the fact that the entire wedding is outside. However, if you are more comfortable wearing a mask you are welcome to do that.

What should I wear?

While this is not a black tie affair, we do want people to formally dress up. Keep in mind that the venue will be outside. So, if it's forecasted to be on the chillier side, dress in layers.

What are the bridal party and groom's party colors?

These colors are demonstrated by the palette of this website. The bridal party will be wearing the dark orange color that you see used for the headings. The groom's party will be dressed in navy blue.